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Leadership Pathway

A partnership between Growing Young Movers, Scott Collegiate, and the mâmawêyatitân centre.

Our approach sees Scott Collegiate students engaged in a Leadership Pathway. Students within this pathway are together in class each afternoon and then transition to working within the established G.Y.M. after school wellness programs at the mâmawêyatitân centre. The skills gained in the classroom will be utilized in the programs and vice versa. The Indigenous youth mentors work as part of the G.Y.M. facilitation team providing after school programming for North Central youth centered around physical activity, recreation, culture, and positive youth development. The mentors receive classroom credit, training, certificates, and are employed (by G.Y.M.) to deliver these after school programs. Furthermore, the mentors may receive additional special project credits for their engagement in the programs. 


This pathway will:

  • Increase graduation rates of Indigenous youth.

  • Engage and empower Indigenous youth mentors.

  • Create a sense of belonging and team atmosphere.

  • Provide first employment for high school youth

  • Offer certifications and job training.

  • Prepare/transition mentors for future employment.

  • Promote student transitions to Scott Collegiate.

  • Encourage Indigenous elementary youth. 

  • Provide effective after school opportunities for all youth.

Community Partners

Through strong community partnerships we can support the holistic well-being of Regina’s youth. Together, we will increase graduation rates of Indigenous youth and support these mentors as they transition into the workforce. With community partnerships, after school programming will continue to grow and flourish. It is with financial contributions from our partners, G.Y.M. has been able to employ Indigenous youth mentors while providing consistent, highly effective after school programming for the youth of North Central Regina. It takes a community to raise a child, and through this initiative we are helping high school youth realize the potential of their leadership when it comes to working with children and youth in the community.


Sustained Success

The success of Growing Young Movers and the newly formed Moving for Change initiative reinforces the need for such forward-thinking approaches in supporting the youth of North Central Regina. With success comes growth and with growth comes a need for sustainability. G.Y.M. has an annual budget which in large part is funded through grants. G.Y.M.’s board of directors is working to develop community partnerships with forward-thinking corporations within Regina.  Through strategic partnerships with a 3 to 5 year commitment, we can continue to support the Indigenous youth within North Central Regina, sustaining the significant success of the work we do.

Future Employment

Through this leadership pathway, Indigenous high school students are gaining critical work experience which will certainly be a tremendous asset upon graduation. The students enrolled in this pathway will leave high school with certifications, references, enhanced financial literacy skills, and the many other benefits of maintaining employment within G.Y.M. We want to partner with corporations which foster a strong commitment to increasing the number of Indigenous employees in the workforce. We are looking to provide that next step of employment for the Indigenous youth mentors once they complete high school. Perhaps these amazing leaders could work within your company in the future.

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